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The first two illustrations are mere speculation of the position of a tightlacer’s organs, drawn by an artist who only had a basic knowledge of anatomy, during a time when Germ Theory was not even widely accepted.

The second two photos are real MRI scans of modern tightlacer Eden Berlin, in a non-ferrous corset made by TO.mTO, presented by Dr. Eckhart von Hirschhausen. Liver and stomach are slightly shifted above the waist, and the morphology of the liver is barely changed. Kidneys and lungs show no notable change either. The most affected organ is the large intestine, which by nature is flexible and easily flattens/ moves aside - otherwise peristalsis, pregnancy, yoga or basic twisting or movement of the torso would be impossible.

For more info, I’ve written a post about it on my website here.

It’s time to stop perpetuating baseless myths about how corsets affect your internal organs and look to modern science.

You need to waist train. I’m a man and I wear male corsets, it’s not like you can just strap on anything and your internal organs will automatically shift to adjust to it. I agree that there are a lot of myths about corsets, but let’s not ignore the inherent dangers and risks that corsets carry and act as if they’re completely harmless. You can hurt yourself, pinch a nerve etc.


                                      ^Male Corset

Not that corset designers shouldn’t study anatomy. I guess they assume that all men who wear corsets are gay, based on how they’re designed to resemble women’s anatomy.


^Disgusting Corset Design for men who don’t realize that their hips don’t move side-to-side

Whoa there.

I never said that any type of corset was perfectly safe for everyone to use. I said that we should look to real empirical evidence though modern science instead of relying on archaic diagrams based on speculation.

Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to waist train and use corsets. A huge portion of my work is dedicated to ensuring that corset enthusiasts are aware of the physiological effects of corsetry. There are also safe and unsafe types of corsets. Some of the most comfortable corsets I’ve owned are made by corsetieres who have extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

But making a sweeping generalization that all corsetieres presume male trainers to be gay, or that all gay males want to look more feminine, is incorrect and actually, kind of a homophobic statement. And there are over 40 corsetieres that cater to men of all orientations, body types, and tastes.

It’s fine if Gabriel Moginot is not your cup of tea, but he is modelling a corset he made himself, to promote his own line, Maison Moginot. His corset, his body, his choices.

Gabriel Moginot is one of the best corsetiers out there, ad if you think his design is ‘disgusting’ because it doesn’t fit in your narrow perception of masculinity, then you’re the problem. Also, I personally doubt the safety of training with a corset from Dracula Clothing, since their corsets are relatively cheap and the product pages have close to no description of the materials etcetera. Now get your homophobic ass out of here.

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Lingerie is not porn.

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Anonymous asked: Do u think if I do waist training like wearing the corset all time except for showering, for prom which is next year in June, that I'll have an hour glass figure? I'm 15 btw x



Maybe as long as you eat right and work out with it just be careful and you are too young to be concerned about your body but at the end of the day it is your life, so give it a try I’m pretty sure it will work but do your research on those waist trainers

Definitely do not recommend waist training to a minor. No way.

nope nope nope

At 15 your body is still developing. You definitely shouldn’t mess with that by doing body modification.