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Okay so this is a little off topic but hey it has metal boning and laces so yeah here we go.

This is a girdle I found at a market in my area, and I don’t know a lot about girdles but I do love them so I bought it. Now, I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out when this was made. Of course I don’t need an exact year but I would like to know an estimate.

As you can see it can be adjusted by fan-like lacing on both sides. However, it closes with metal hook and eye tape (shown in the last picture). Apparently it’s made by “Le Compressif”, but I couldn’t find anything by googling it. The main fabric seems to be cotton, but there is some shiny elastic at the top and bottom in the back, and on the bottom front. The garter straps seem to be made from the same material. The garters have metal grips and slides with a dented part that grips the elastic when you push it down. It appears to have wide spring steel bones and the internal boning channels have a herringbone weave.

Could anyone tell me more about this?

thelingerielesbian thelingerieaddict maybe you know more?

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